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Coly (Yong) Li

SUSE Linux
Linux kernel developer from SUSE Labs, working on block layer and maintain md/dm/bcache for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server kernel.
In year 2010-2015, I initiated Linux kernel engineering team for Taobao Core Infrastructure and then led cold data storage development for Alibaba Site Reliability Engineering. Before served for Alibaba, I was Linux kernel developer from SUSE Labs, working on OCFS2(Oracle Cluster File System v2) and Ext4.
Recently I work on scalability, performance and data consistency for md raid1 on NVMe SSD, it is used to built reliable high performance cache with dm-cache, bcache or other caching software. Most of the code is merged into Linux v4.11.
I used to give talks on several conferences, some of them are LF conferences,
- Linux Vault 2015
- Linux Storage, Memory Management and File System Summit 2010
- China Linux Symposium 2008