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avatar for Professor Lu Shouqun

Professor Lu Shouqun

China OSS Promotion Union
Honorary chairman

陆首群教授曾任中国开源软件推进联盟(China OSS Promotion Union)名誉主席,中国工业经济联合会副会长。





陆教授曾组织(之一)UNIIX V5 R4.2中文版本合作开发、翻译工作(与美国USG/AT&T合作)并创建UNIX合资企业;负责主持作为中国信息化标志的金桥工程、金关工程、金卡工程总体规划和框架设计工作,以及主持提出金税工程增值税网络交叉稽核解决方案;创建中国第一批互联网、互联网信息管理中心和起草中国第一部互联网法规;主持建设“首都之窗”(中国第一个电子政务网站)和“首都电子商城”(中国第一个进行电子商务的交易场)。

Professor LU Shouqun is currently the Honorary Chairman of China OSS Promotion Union (COPU),Director of COPU Expert Committee, the Vice Chairman of China Federation of Industrial Economics, the Director of Beijing Network Multimedia Laboratory, and the President of China E-Government council.Prof. LU was the Executive Deputy Director of Informatization Office of the State Council.Prof. LU was appointed as the Senior Informatization Advisor of People’s Bank of China, State Administration of Radio and Television, Beijing People’s Municipal Government, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, State Information Center, and Ministry of Aerospace, China Huaneng Group.Prof. LU was the Expert Advisor of Open Source Development Labs.Prof. LU was the Honored Chairman of the Board of Capital Information Development Company Co., Ltd.Prof. LU was the Chief Advisor of E-Commerce of Commerce Ministry.Prof. LU was the Director of Beijing Electronics Revival Office and Director of Beijing Municipal Government Electronics Industry Office.Prof. LU was the Chairman of the Board of China Great Wall Computer Group, the Board Chairman of China GBN and participated in the establishment of China United Telecommunications Corporation as a key member of the team.Prof. LU (one of the officers in chief ) had once led development and application engineering of UNIX V5, R4.2 (cooperated with USL/AT&T). Prof. Lu was in charge of general planning and framework designing of the “Golden” Projects of “ Golden Bridge ”, “ Golden Custom ”, “ Golden Card ” and “ Golden Tax ” which are the symbols of China Informatization; he was the team leader of State Council Preparatory Group for establishing the first generation of Internet and Internet Information Management Center in China and drafting the first Internet Law and Regulations; he organized the establishment of “ Window of Capital ” (the 1st E-government website in China) and “ Capital E-Mall ” (the 1st E-commerce trading place in China).