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Tao Ma

Alibaba Cloud
Principal Software Engineer 首席软件工程师

Tao Ma had his first Linux box in the late 1990s. He played with Linux from then on and found his first job of C programming on Linux. He had his first commit in Linux kernel in 2007 and began his journey in Linux kernel development. Most of his contribution was related to file system and block layer and he was one of main contributors for OCFS2 and ext4. Currently he is in charge of Linux kernel.

Tao Ma 在 90 年代末拥有了他的第一个 Linux 盒子。自此,他开始在 Linux 上遨游,并在 Linux 上找到了自己的第一份 C 语言编程工作。他于 2007 年首次接触 Linux 内核,并开始了他的 Linux 内核开发之旅。他的大部分成果都与文件系统和数据块层有关,他是 OCFS2 和 ext4 的主要贡献者之一。目前,他负责 Linux 内核。